iOS Software Developer

Aug 2014 - Present
Arux Software, Woodbury MN
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining iOS applications.

  • Design and develop new features for iOS applications.

  • Successfully developed “Eleyo Childcare Attendance” iOS application using frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, UIKit animation API, AlamoFire, and XCTest

  • Built iOS application “Eleyo Course Roster” using Alamofire and MapKit.

  • Created the RESTful API for “Eleyo Course Roster” application using Ruby and Sinatra.

  • Developed the RESTful API for demoing “Eleyo Childcare Attendance” using Swift and Vapor.

  • Assist in making changes to server APIs using Ruby on Rails.

  • Use Sketch to create application mockups.

Personal Projects

Odds Of Catan - Built and designed iOS application used to keep track of your probabilities of getting resources in Settlers of Catan. Used Swift, UIView animations API and the MVVM design pattern. Find it on github.
Personal Website - Designed and built personal website, ericcollom.com, using CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap.

Technical Strengths

These are the list of technologies that I have worked with during my professional career.

Proficient In - Swift

Familiar With - CSS, HTML, Ruby

Frameworks & APIs - Core Data, Cocoa Touch, Core Animation, XCTest, Alamofire, Bootstrap, Resful, Sinatra, Vapor

Tools - XCode, Git/Github, Sketch, Atom


Thesis Award, University of Minnesota, Morris, Morris MN

Award for exemplary writing and presentation of original thesis paper “Applying Genetic Programming to Bytecode and Assembly”.


Scholarly Horizons: University of Minnesota, Morris Undergraduate Journal

2014 Vol. 1: Iss. 2, Article 4.

Applying Genetic Programming to Bytecode and Assembly.

  • Professor submission only: representing top level work seen over professor's career.

  • You Can Find It Here